Carol Hedges 
 17/09/2021 06:45 PM
1st order for delivery tonight. Was 20 mins early which is a little annoying and not a huge fan of the very sweet mango chutney or yogurt dips with the poppadoms, plus the chip portion was tiny. Having said that all of the curries were delicious and the chicken was succulent and great quality. Will be back!
William Hunter 
 04/09/2021 10:19 AM
William Hunter 
 28/08/2021 04:12 PM
William Hunter 
 27/08/2021 08:01 PM
William Hunter 
 22/08/2021 02:41 PM
I expect all their profits is going to Kabul, bhenchod
William Hunter 
 21/08/2021 08:06 AM
Can't comment on the food as I paid for but never received my order!!! They are LIARS
William Hunter 
 20/08/2021 07:57 PM
Still not been reimbursed !!!!!! Amazing what money does to grabbers ..............
William Hunter 
 19/08/2021 04:29 PM
Still not been reimbursed !!!!!! Amazing what money does to grabbers ..............
William Hunter 
 16/08/2021 03:28 PM
Nichola Smith Never got it and I've noticed they have taken the payment from my bank account. Becareful with this lot...
Nichola Smith  
 15/08/2021 03:11 PM
Was just about to order for the 1st time from here, William did you really not receive your order?
William Hunter 
 15/08/2021 10:45 AM
You called me a LIAR.......
William Hunter 
 15/08/2021 10:42 AM
Until I get my money back I'm going to berate your shit money grabbing methods..
William Hunter 
 14/08/2021 03:15 PM
Rate you is just unimaginable!! You have no recoil!!!!
William Hunter 
 14/08/2021 12:55 PM
You are a bunch of robbing bastards! How dare you say you delivered my takeaway when you didn't!!!!!! Never shall I use you lot again...
Jayme Marie Hamilton 
 13/07/2021 12:37 PM
First class Indian Cuisine. I'm really fussy about Indian (Anglo-Indian!) Food but I can't get enough of this restaurant. The meat is good quality, the sauces rich and delicious and the NME bread so fresh.I particularly recommend the Butter chicken.
Lewis Alder 
 29/06/2021 09:09 PM
The food is consistently very good and value for money in my opinion. Can't fault the delivery, usually spot-on. Highly recommended if you want a decent takeaway meal.
Martin Davies 
 06/06/2021 10:28 AM
Excellent food and service. Loving working my way through the menu. Tapeli Gosht probably still my favourite, but closely followed by many other dishes on the menu, recommended by Raju. Keep up the great work. See you again soon.
 22/05/2021 09:00 PM
Lovely meal tonight! Fresh and hot, and authentic. Thankyou once again. Delivery always prompt. Looking forward to eating in your restaurant.
Frank Greig 
 30/01/2021 05:43 PM
Food was excellent and delivery earlier than requested, would highly recommend, delicious.
Andrew jason Perry 
 09/01/2021 07:13 PM
Absolute banging curry tonight lads. Was ready on time when I arrived for collection. Loving your work
Beverley Jayne Roberts 
 29/12/2020 07:24 PM
Usually very satisfied with food and probably would be if it turned up on time. Over an hours wait since ordering even though we were quoted a wait time of 40 minutes. Disappointed.
emma patrick 
 13/12/2020 02:05 AM
Absolutely lovely food usually. But tonight the food was cold
Sally Taylor 
 16/11/2020 10:52 PM
Yummy food. Always hot whether delivered or collection. Love their food.
 05/11/2020 05:12 PM
Great food
gerald pawson 
 10/09/2020 04:27 PM
just great food
Paula Williams 
 05/09/2020 06:17 PM
Late delivery on very first order
Brett Coupland 
 22/08/2020 08:31 PM
Food was fantastic, tasty, and even the extras we requested on the order form were fulfilled. Top restaurant, order was delivered in time, what more can I say as regular curry eaters, this will be the first choice from now on. Thankyou very much, Brett & Karen
Paul Budd 
 20/08/2020 07:16 PM
Always excellent.
Kevin Allen 
 11/07/2020 05:20 PM
Best Indian restaurant in the district, always great service and great food. Never had a problem with the deliveries, or takeaway collection so i don't understand the comments in the last review. Looking forward to having a sit in meal soon.
 27/06/2020 06:47 PM
Absolutely fucking disgusting!!! An hour ago we ordered and we have made multiple phone calls to see when it would be here and they've been no help! Last time we use this cunting place
Shiv Kumar Bagga 
 26/06/2020 09:00 PM
The food was not as good as the old TM, disappointed. Who puts cheese in curries, not an authentic Indian dish, Cheese unheard of in India. Packaging for take away sub standard and leaky causing stainining and mess everywhere. Need to improve pacaging by using Plastic Take Away Cartons, need to match standards of the old TM. Will try other dishes without cheese to see if indian authencity is prevelent. Must review Packaging as a matter of urgency.
Steph Brander 
 20/06/2020 06:00 PM
I have never particularly enjoyed Indian cuisine, but this I absolutely love the food in this restaurant. The food is amazing whether you dine in, or have a takeaway. The staff are always so lovely and chatty too. I 100% recommend The Tandoori Masala!
 06/06/2020 02:44 PM
Absolutely love this traditional Indian restaurant, and their takeaway / delivery service is great too!
Simon Channing 
 04/04/2020 04:58 PM
Always sort me out Special Tikka Bhuna Masala off the old menu x
Tony Love 
 21/03/2020 07:05 PM
First time using on line service must say I’m well impressed on time order right and a very pleasant. Delivery man. First class use again. PS food brilliant as usual.
Rachel Chalwin  
 15/03/2020 07:46 PM
Always a brilliant curry for delivery or eat in
Keith Bartley 
 08/02/2020 10:38 PM
Ordered a takeaway on line tonight, 20.10 was the delivery time given. After several phone calls it eventually arrived an hour late. Not worth eating it was tasteless,will not use again
 29/01/2020 08:48 PM
Thankyou so much for the lovely meal once again, and thankyou to the gent who delivered it for popping back with my fresh chillies!
David Stock 
 10/01/2020 06:23 PM
Moved from usual home delivery curry service due failing standards . glad i did - very g ood quality food with delivery. online ordering a boon
Pam and Mark Bessell 
 20/10/2019 08:19 PM
1st meal ordered tonight. Brilliant food. Thank you very much
Paul Budd 
 20/09/2019 05:08 PM
Always great food and now online ordering and delivery, excellent.
Mark Jones 
 19/07/2019 11:54 AM
Tried for the first time this week. Everthing was first class and the food spot on. this will now be my 'go to' Indian restaraunt !
Keith Tozer 
 13/07/2019 06:32 PM
Great food and service at Family celebration. Thank you
Kellie Avery 
 29/06/2019 07:23 PM
Brilliant as always!!
 09/06/2019 06:53 PM
Amazing the best in town thank you